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The best under-eye correctors for dark circles | Sali Hughes

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When concealer alone is not effective, these products will transform skin tone

What if your under-eyes are grey, brown or blue and no amount of sleep and concealer makes any difference, other than to leave your skin caked dry in makeup? I’m asked this so often, I can’t discount that my dying utterance might be “stop piling on concealer… get a corrector”. I can’t stress enough – these are two distinct products doing different jobs (the former matches your skintone, the latter uses colour-wheel cunning to correct it).

While we’d all sooner use one thing, I promise the extra step saves much time and concealer later on. Just think of corrector as your industrial bra and sucky-in tights and concealer as your prettier overclothes. The widest range of correctors comes from Bobbi Brown. Catering for all skintones (typically, white skin requires a sickly to salmony pink corrector, brown needs salmon to peach, black needs peach to orange), it comes in two textures – a solid cream (£19.50) or serum (£30) – and which you choose depends entirely on your usual concealer.

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May 11th 2019, 3:20 am
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