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A letter to… my stepdad, who stepped up

Life and style | The Guardian

‘You did something you probably don’t remember, but to me was so kind and so big, I’ll never forget’: the letter you always wanted to write

I remember the very first time I met you, I wanted to hate you. You stole my mum away from my dad – at least that’s what I believed at 10 years old. I was wrong, but I wouldn’t learn for a while that someone cannot steal anyone else’s affection; they choose to go. I couldn’t hate you, though: you were kind to us; you made my mum smile like I’d never seen; and you let us have whatever pudding we wanted.

You had ended up with three pre-teens you’d never asked for, and over the years we have been difficult. But you took it in your stride. You never once asked us to call you Dad, never asked us to love you. But it was inevitable, you were important. Are important.

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September 21st 2019, 4:30 am
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