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Wish you weren’t here? How to survive your first holiday as a couple

Life and style | The Guardian

A first break can put a new romance under strain, or worse. To improve the chances of returning with the relationship intact, try following these ground rules

I have lost luggage, I have slept on airport floors and in budget backpacker hostels, I have weathered flight cancellations, food poisoning and days of unbroken rain. Yet my worst-ever holiday, a weekend away with my boyfriend, went entirely to plan.

We had been seeing each other for a few months, and this was our first trip together. But removed from our usual contexts (in bed, or watching TV, or watching TV in bed), we realised too late that we had nothing to say to each other. At one point we parked our rental car and just sat there, passing the time until we could go home and eventually break up.

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May 14th 2019, 9:00 am
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