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Is it possible to work 22-hour days? Danielle Steel says it is the secret of her success

Life and style | The Guardian

The prolific romance novelist has described her ‘brutal, exhausting’ process. Can she really work such long hours – and does it make her a role model?

It says something about the author Danielle Steel’s work ethic that her desk, built to resemble a stack of her own books, is less remarkable than the hours she puts in at it. The 71-year-old romance novelist is notoriously prolific, having published 179 books at a rate of up to seven a year. But a passing reference in a recent profile by Glamour magazine to her 20- to 22-hour workdays – not to mention the 24-hour session “a few times a month, when she feels the crunch” – prompted an outpouring of awestruck admiration online.

“If she gets four hours, she considers it a restful night,” marvelled Business Insider. Elsewhere, the question “why Danielle Steel is more successful than the rest of us” was answered: “Steel does not understand this modern-day mentality of work-life balance”.

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May 14th 2019, 9:00 am
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