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4 awesome Amazon device deals you definitely don’t want to miss


These days, Amazon is pretty much synonymous with "deal" and shoppers always expect to find great prices on anything and everything they might be searching for. Of course, that's especially true when it comes to Amazon's own devices, which always seem to go on sale with deep discounts. Check out the Amazon device deals page on Amazon's site and you can expect to find anywhere from 10 to several dozen listings on sale at any given time. On top of that, they often go on sale with very deep discounts that undercut rival products from other brands.

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Right now, we have some good news and some bad news. Check out that Amazon device deals page and you'll actually only find fewer than 10 different discounts on Amazon devices. But the good news is that four of those deals are truly spectacular, so you should definitely take advantage before they likely disappear this weekend.

Dash Smart Shelf

The bargain that is perhaps the most surprising Amazon device deal available right now also happens to be a product you might not even be aware of. It's called the Amazon Dash Smart Shelf, and it was quietly released by Amazon within the past few months.

With a retail price of just $20, the Dash Smart Shelf is Amazon's brilliant new gadget that replaces Dash Buttons, which have been discontinued. For those who don't recall, Dash Buttons allowed you to place a button anywhere in your home and press it to reorder a specific product when it's running low. So, for example, you might put a button next to your washing machine to reorder Tide Pods. It was a cool concept, but apparently, it didn't get enough traction for Amazon to keep it around. Or, perhaps Amazon just liked its new idea even better.

Place the Dash Smart Shelf anywhere in your home or office, and then position a product of your choosing on top. The idea here is that it's something you use often, and then the Dash shelf monitors the weight of the product all the time. Once the weight decreases by a certain amount, the shelf knows that it's time for you to reorder the product — and it places your new order automatically! It's awesome, and it's on sale for just $11.99 in all three available sizes.

Dash Smart Shelf | Auto-replenishment scale for home and business | Medium

Price: $11.99
You Save: $8.00 (40%)
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Amazon eero Pro mesh WiFi system

Mesh Wi-Fi solutions exploded in popularity a few years ago, but it seems like the hype surrounding most brands faded pretty quickly. Perhaps that's because so many reviewers out there named eero's mesh systems as the best in the business.

Amazon has since acquired eero and released a few different updated mesh models. One of the top-rated ones is the $500 eero Pro mesh WiFi system 3-pack, which blankets a home up to 6,000 square feet with lighting-fast tri-band Wi-Fi. $500 is actually a pretty fair price for this system, but it's on sale for $399 right now.

Amazon eero Pro mesh WiFi system - 3-Pack

Price: $399.00
You Save: $100.00 (20%)
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Echo Auto

At $50, the Echo Auto is the missing puzzle piece in your quest to have access to Amazon's beloved Alexa voice assistant no matter where you are. Unlike the Echo Dot that costs the same $50, this gadget is designed to go in your car. It connects to your stereo system via Bluetooth or through an aux-in port, and then it also connects to your smartphone for connectivity. With 8 mics and Amazon's far-field technology, it then gives you access to any and all of the great Alexa skills you love.

$50 is more than fair for an essential Alexa device like this, but you can pick up the Echo Auto right now at Amazon for just $29.99.

Echo Auto- Hands-free Alexa in your car with your phone

Price: $29.99
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Echo Buds

Amazon's Echo Buds haven't garnered quite as much attention as the AirPods Pro from Apple, but there are two huge reasons you might consider these earphones over Apple's noise cancelling buds. First, they give you hands-free access to Alexa instead of Siri, and many people prefer Alexa. And second, they're on sale right now for just $89.99 while AirPods Pro cost more than twice that much... even while AirPods Pro are on sale with a $40 discount themselves!

Echo Buds – Wireless earbuds with immersive sound, active noise reduction, and Alexa

Price: $89.99
You Save: $40.00 (31%)
Buy Now

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