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How can I help my 76-year-old mother date safely online?

Life and style | The Guardian

Tell your mum not to give out personal details and be wary if the person comes out with a sob story, says Annalisa Barbieri

My father passed away three years ago after being happily married for 50 years to my mum. She has struggled with loneliness and lacks male companionship for support in everyday life. Before my dad died, he asked her to try to find another partner (if she could) so that she could continue sharing her life with someone else.

Mum is 76, still very active, and has joined many different groups (U3A, canasta, ping pong, walking group, local history group, Spanish lessons) but struggles with the thought of being alone. But these activities occur during the week, and I don’t live close to her, so there is considerable isolation during the evenings and at weekends. She has started to mention that she would like to find a partner and has begun exploring solo holidays. Recently she went online to look for “companionship” agencies and websites for older people. Later, I found out that she had registered with a group. I am very concerned that my mother has given her full contact details to an unknown party and someone can now easily identify that she is older, possibly more vulnerable and at home alone.

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May 10th 2019, 11:13 am
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