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Zero-waste shops and sustainable fashion: meet the new breed of small business owners

Life and style | The Guardian

Last year there were 5.7m micro businesses – those with up to nine employees – in the UK, accounting for 99% of all businesses. Three founders share their industry experiences

Frustrated by the effects of plastic pollution, Kate Robertson and her friends decided to take positive action. The self-styled “mums on a mission” set about creating a zero-waste shop in their home of Bridport, Dorset, launched a crowdfunding campaign and exceeded their £16,000 target by raising £17,000. But, by that point someone else had opened a zero-waste shop in the town, so instead they decided to create Dorset’s first mobile zero-waste shop, The Green Weigh. The women make seven stops a week in their repurposed van (affectionately named “Gertie”), visiting different markets and villages each day so people can top up on everything from beans and pulses to household goods and personal items.

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September 17th 2019, 7:56 am
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