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Ezri Konsa: 'I haven’t got any secret – it’s about learning my trade' | Paul Doyle

The Guardian

Aston Villa centre-back reveals how listening to John Terry and watching videos of Paul McGrath has improved his all-round game

A weird thing happened on Wednesday during the match between Manchester City and Aston Villa, and it had nothing to do with an obscure loophole in the offside law. In the 52nd minute of City’s 2-0 win, Bernardo Silva dribbled past Ezri Konsa. No other player has managed to do that this season.

“I don’t even remember it happening,” says the Villa centre-back of Silva’s feat, but Konsa was well aware of his pristine record up to that point, which had made him unique. “It was a good thing to carry, the only defender [to have played at least 10 matches] in any of Europe’s top five leagues not to have been dribbled past. Bernardo Silva has broken it, but I’ll try to keep it to one.”

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January 23rd 2021, 5:21 am
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