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Eight startups graduate from Flat6Labs Ignite programme in Abu Dhabi


Press release:

On Wednesday, November 3rd 2021 the first Demo Day took place to commemorate the 4-month journey that the 8 participating startups have been on with Flat6Labs since the beginning of this cycle. 

Each startup has received a seed investment ranging from $150,000 to $250,000 in cash funding in exchange for an equity stake in the company. They are given access to a network of 500+ mentors, innovation-based bootcamps and workshops and hands-on business development support. 

The Demo Day gave the startups the opportunity to showcase their growth to a variety of potential stakeholders including, venture capitalists, high net worth individuals, customers, corporates and more, who will be willing to further support the scalability of the businesses. 

Flat6Labs, Mena’s leading seed stage investor and manager of the most renowned startup programmes in the region, launched the Flat6Labs Ignite programme in March 2021 in partnership with ADQ’s DisruptAD. The specialised seed programme will support up to 60 startups in Abu Dhabi over the next three years across six cycles.

Flat6Labs Ignite Programme in Abu Dhabi was launched in March 2021 in partnership with ADQ’s DistruptAD with this first cycle having started on June 27th 2021. The eight startup teams have been working over the past three months on growing their customer base, refining their offerings, expanding to new markets and building strategic partnerships. 

This cycle brings together the following startups:

Dharma - The first travel-brand-as-a-service; we enable influencers and brands to monetise their online community through travel. 

Zumvie - A software for better developer onboarding, 1:1 management and developer reviews. 

Marefa Digital - EdTech company launching Edactik that provides Arab professionals with eLearning tools and content to create, publish and learn in Arabic. 

RemotePass - RemotePass is a dashboard that makes it easy to hire, onboard & pay your global team in full compliance, giving you everything you need to support them. 

Pablu - A new live-video first marketplace allowing SMBs retailers to connect, buy and sell. Ability to build personal and intimate relationships with your audience.

The Concept - Developing sustainable solutions for our clients using a combination of hardware and technology innovation. 

Valorafutbol - Valora aims to allow all the sports stakeholders to get into Big Data and Fan Engagement in a very accessible and simple way with their plug and play solution. 

Fleetroot - White label platform to provide fleet management and last-mile delivery for e-commerce (retail, pharmacy, restaurants, electronics, etc.) 

For more information on Flat6Labs: 

November 4th 2021, 3:20 pm
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