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EdVentures invests $200,000 in Career 180 platform


Press release:

In an effort to empower youth and connect them to employment opportunities; EdVentures announced a $200,000 investment in Career 180 with the aim of developing a new employment platform and merging it with the Freelance Yard to create an integrated platform that provides employment and qualifying services to youth covering all job types.

Career 180 also plans to further enhance its career advising services and increase its training programmes; reaching a greater number of users, as it seeks to train one million trainees and assist 300,000 users in finding suitable job opportunities.

Since its establishment, Career 180 has worked to provide a variety of professional counselling services through its platform that is aimed at preparing youth for the labour market.

Career 180 offers career counselling videos on its website and a variety of additional services, such as workshops and theoretical or practical training programmes for young people in their various specialities. 

Through the one-day activity, Career 180 holds career guidance sessions and meetings to gather youth and connect them with senior experts in different specialisations and professions.

The company organises the Egypt Career Summit every year, which is one of the largest events attended by thousands of youth, numerous multinationals, local companies and startups, and hundreds of experts in various business sectors in Egypt. It is full of lectures, interactive panel discussions and workshops that aim to elevate career awareness and prepare more qualified highly demanded calibres.

“We constantly aim at empowering youth, and that’s why we were excited to do a new round of investment in Career 180. Their new platform will enable youth to find job opportunities while helping them develop their skills and capabilities through the various training programmes offered by this platform,” said Dalia Ibrahim, the founder & CEO of EdVentures.

The founders of Career 180 stated: “We aim to create a comprehensive online platform that qualifies youth to the job market and facilitates their hiring at multinational, local companies and startups, through offering hundreds of online courses and programmes, in addition to offering thousands of jobs at Career 180 and Freelance Yard.”

EdVentures supports and invests in startups specialising in education, culture and innovative learning solutions in Seed and pre-Series A rounds focusing on Egypt, Africa, and the Arab World. The VC firm was launched in 2017 by Nahdet Misr Publishing House. It provides technical and financial support to startups to ensure success and continuity in the market by providing investment according to each company’s needs and maturity level. 

EdVentures is always open to expanding its portfolio. Interested startups can apply for investment through EdVentures website:

November 15th 2021, 8:58 am
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