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GasNas, Unihance raise $200,000


Jordan-based StartLabz, a pre-seed incubator and the venture arm of Startappz, has secured $200,000 seed funding for two of its startups: GasNas, an on-demand gas delivery service and Unihance, an edtech platform. The investment was raised through the incubator’s angel investor network during a virtual pitching event hosted by StartLabz. 

The incubator is keen on expanding the angel network in the Middle East by educating investors and providing them with the information they need to enter the early-stage high-risk capital investment market.

“We believe that there is great potential for this kind of angel network to develop in the region. Many individuals with extra savings are looking for the kind of opportunities that are available in our startup ecosystem but lack the knowledge needed to follow through. This is where we come in. At StartLabz, in addition to working with startups to help them connect with investors, we are providing investors with the information and knowledge they need to understand angel investing better,” said Rama Dawod, managing director of StartLabz.


December 17th 2020, 7:52 am
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