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Today’s demisexual kids are swimming against the tide of hookup culture. Good luck to them

Life and style | The Guardian

Our sexual landscape is a puzzling one and these brave Luddites are excusing themselves from it

If you’re of an age to remember LGB marches and felt perplexed when the T and the Q folk joined the throng, but are now up to speed, I bring you news of another letter. D, for demisexuality. Or D for, “Duh, well, of course demisexuality, you antique,” because in the main, it seems to be teens and twentysomethings doing it. Or more accurately, not doing it unless they really want to.

Demisexuality means – loosely speaking, since capturing any sexuality in a neat definition is like herding cats – being only sexually attracted to people you already know. Hookup culture leaves demisexuals bewildered. For them, blind lust for strangers on dating apps or in the street does not often, or ever, occur. They need friendship first, before sexual feelings awaken.

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September 21st 2019, 4:30 am
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