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How to get a good night's sleep – and why it's thanks to the space programme

Life and style | The Guardian

When you can’t sleep, the night ahead can feel like a long and difficult journey. For sleep expert Kate Faithfull-Williams, the secret lay in a mattress developed by space scientists

The formula for peaceful sleep is so closely guarded that only 20 people in the world know it. This groundbreaking development was pioneered by Nasa in the 1970s, as space scientists developed a viscoelastic foam to support and cushion astronauts during enormous G-forces at lift off. Designed to respond to every individual’s body, this remarkable foam distributes weight and pressure evenly for complete comfort. Which is no mean feat when gravity is forcing every sinew of your body earthbound. So how has technology from the space programme found its way into our bedrooms?

That giant foam step for mankind led to the creation of a mattress – involving 10 years of research and development – that makes you feel almost weightless.

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May 22nd 2019, 6:31 am
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