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‘My son is figuring out personal dynamics, or maybe he’s just a creep’

Life and style | The Guardian

His pitiless eyeballing of fellow diners in the restaurant proves a little hard to digest

It starts off quite nice, lovely even. My wife and I will be enjoying a meal, only to hear adoring laughter, or cooing from the table behind. At this point, we’ll turn to see that my son has been staring at our delighted co-diners. We smile, too, but thinly, the way you might when someone on the tube says you smell nice. We’ve been through this before and know what comes next; a gradual unravelling of that delight as he refuses to stop staring and his subjects succumb to embarrassment, boredom and despair.

After a long time not noticing anyone, my son is now seized with an ungovernable desire to stare. Perhaps he’s figuring out personal dynamics, forging a new fascination with people – or is just an inveterate creep.

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May 12th 2019, 4:38 am
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