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Maids of honour: could I crack Bake Off’s first ‘impossible’ challenge?

Life and style | The Guardian

This week, contestants on the Channel 4 show all failed to make a decent curd tart – the first time everyone has flunked the technical. One armchair baker sees if she can better them

As an inveterate armchair baker, who laughs knowingly as raw dough gets the Paul Hollywood finger or unset fillings ooze, I watched enthusiastically as every single contestant failed the technical challenge in the latest episode of The Great British Bake Off. Hollywood described the efforts to make maids of honour – a kind of curd-filled tart – as “awful”. But how would I get on when I gave this recipe – beloved of Henry VIII – a try?

I begin by boiling milk then adding vinegar: everyone’s favourite way to start a dessert. This lumpy horror should be separated using a muslin cloth. Obviously, I don’t have any muslins: it’s not the 1890s. I use a grubby cloth that came with a pot of cleanser. Perhaps any essential oils will enhance the flavour? The face cloth is definitively too small to hold 200g of hot, separated vinegar milk, but I catch it with a sieve.

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September 19th 2019, 12:03 pm
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