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Athletics has banned 196 dopers since 2017. There's a lesson here for other sports | Sean Ingle

The Guardian

Track and field takes doping seriously, banning 66 Olympic and world medallists since the Athletics Integrity Unit’s launch in 2017

And still the headlines come. On Thursday the Rio Olympic 100m hurdles champion, Brianna McNeal, was provisionally suspended and could face an eight-year doping ban for “tampering”. The week before, the 2017 long jump world champion Luvo Manyonga was suspended and could face a four-year ban for whereabouts violations. Both cases are yet to be prosecuted, and the usual caveats about being innocent until proven guilty apply, but the message is increasingly clear. Track and field is a sport which takes anti-doping seriously.

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January 18th 2021, 7:36 am
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