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Wamda works with The Financial Times to bring global insights in English and Arabic to Mena’s techno


Wamda, the Middle East region's leading startup ecosystem enabler and bilingual knowledge platform, integrates global publisher Financial Times’s most relevant content into its thought leadership strategy to bring its community and readers a broader scope, and deeper global insights and trends. 

The Financial Times is one of the world’s leading business news organisations, recognised internationally for its authority, integrity and accuracy. FT journalists provide authoritative analysis of the biggest issues in global business, finance and industry.

The Wamda multi-format knowledge platform features opinion pieces from the region’s most seasoned entrepreneurs and experts, sector deep-dives and insights, as well as research reports, surveys, podcasts, to support startups and the technology ecosystem across the Middle East and North Africa. 

Wamda will select regionally relevant, and globally insightful Financial Times’s content, translate it to Arabic, and publish it regularly in both languages on its platform 

The global pandemic has been a catalyst for the long-anticipated rise of the digital sector and tech adoption with the primary beneficiary being the local startups. According to Wamda, In 2021, Mena’s startups raised $2.87 billion, a record-breaking amount for the region, and a testament to this newly found commitment to the technology sector. 

In response to the pandemic, Mena’s governments are implementing reforms and introducing new policies to build a more sustainable and technology inclusive economic model to catapult growth and development. But the Middle East and North Africa's startup ecosystem no longer operates in silo and is increasingly part of a global ecosystem. 

Republishing the Financial Times’s extensive world-coverage will allow Wamda to broaden its content and research spectrum, and continue to inform and enable Mena’s founders, business leaders, and ecosystem stakeholders in these times of uncertainty, opportunity and change. 


February 9th 2022, 8:24 am
اقرأ على الموقع الرسمي

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