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Kuzlo closes pre-Seed round by Nama Ventures


Press release: 

Kuzlo, a B2B marketplace that connects FMCG small retailers with wholesalers available in their area providing full transparency on product availability and prices, announced that it has raised an undisclosed amount in the pre-Seed funding round by Nama Ventures.

FMCG market is changing due to the high competition from the mega stores and chains that are creating high pressure on the traditional supermarkets and groceries. KUZLO provides FMCG players with a better supply network to ensure business success using technology.

Kuzlo was established in March 2021 by 4 co-founders Ayman, Tarek, Bassem & Gebril with the main focus of operations in Alexandria providing its customers with better customer service and gaining their trust in delivery times.

“Digitalisation is becoming the main driver for the transformation of many industrial sectors and the B2B marketplace in Egypt has just started its journey towards a digital future. Kuzlo is helping small retailers shift into the new future challenges and support them to strengthen their business value using new digital trends of e-commerce and e-finance in the near future,” said Ayman Elgarem, co-founder and CEO of Kuzlo

“Part of our investment thesis at Nama is to look for great teams that are disrupting traditional businesses leveraging technology. This had become most evident in the supply chain in the grocery space in Mena. Ayman, Mohammed Gebril, Bassem, and their great advisor Tarek are true examples of a complementary team with deep knowledge in the industry, technology expertise, and operational excellence to take a shot at this space in Alexandria. We have no doubt that this team is on to something special and we are honoured and privileged to be this sole pre-seed investor and backer,” said Mohammed Alzubi, founder and managing partner of Nama Ventures.

October 29th 2021, 6:16 am
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