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Saudi discount platform Remmsh raises funding from Nama Ventures


Press release:

Remmsh, a Saudi platform specialised in providing users with live promotion codes via WhatsApp, has raised an undisclosed amount in a pre-Seed funding round by Nama Ventures.d funding round by Nama Ventures.

Historically, it was virtually impossible for restaurants to manage their promotion codes that would accommodate their customer’s cravings from their favourite restaurants and coffees. That’s until Remmsh was launched, a platform making real-time promotion codes possible!

Remmsh was founded by Abdulaziz Alsebaie and Abbas Alshqaq to offer customers an easy solution to having instant promotion codes at their disposal.  The site is steadily gaining users on a daily basis and is experiencing tremendous growth, it has become the favorite destination of customer to acquire their promotions from their favorite restaurants and cafes.  

“People appreciate discount deals and easy access to them; Remmsh makes that happen. The level of engagement and positive feedback we are receiving from our clients is priceless!’ Abdulaziz adds, ‘WhatsApp is one of the most popular platforms today which everyone uses, hence our goal of utilising it as a solution. We aspire to become the Mena region’s go-to for live promotion codes.”

“We always love it when the founders are the first customers of their own startup.” said Mohammad Alzubi, Founder and Managing Partner at Nama Ventures, “Abdulaziz and Abbas have been thinking about enabling and creating demand for a long time now.  They’ve looked the issue of extending promotion to needing customers from all angles, and what we see now in Remmsh was something that came from a great deal of data and trial and error” Mohammed added, “We saw in Remmsh’s founding team a great “seller” that has tremendous domain expertise in the space, and a “does” in Abbas, who’s a geek’s geek. And when a seller and does are in sync, this is when you get magic, we have no doubt that this dream team will be able to crack the promotion space and we can't wait to use those promotion to order our favorite Chinese food.”


April 30th 2022, 8:47 am
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