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Mix N’ Mentor - Nuwait Edition 2016


Mix N’ Mentor - Nuwait Edition is heading back to Kuwait to bring together entrepreneurs with industry experts, investors and mentors to discuss specific challenges related to small and medium enterprises.

The Nuwait edition of Mix N’ Mentor is brought to you by the Kuwaiti National Fund (KNF) for Small and Medium Enterprise Development, and will be held on November 3.

The full-day event will include mentorship sessions on various topics, such as team building, user acquisition, business development and fundraising, where entrepreneurs will be matched with mentors based on their profiles and challenges. In the afternoon, there will be workshops on various topics and a fireside chat, where all groups get together to exchange thoughts and insights.

Mix N’ Mentor - Nuwait Edition will bring onboard community partners such as coworking spaces Sirdab Lab and Reyada, accelerator Brilliant Lab and creative network Nuqat. Make sure you stay tuned to get more details about the agenda, our mentors and workshops.

To register, visit the Mix N’ Mentor - Nuwait edition page here.

October 7th 2016, 3:49 am
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