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Hack&Pitch Amman


Whether you are a bootstrap founder, engineer, software hacker, student, or mentor/ investor interested in mobile app development, be sure to attend Hack&Pitch Amman, which will be taking place on October 28-29 at ZINC (Zain Innovation Campus).

The purpose of the event is to give participants the opportunity to develop and launch their own projects using the ScreenDy platform, as well as networking with like-minded industry leaders and investors. The hackathon aims to encourage participants to innovate and prepare them for the future, as they will be trained on how to pitch their mobile applications to potential investors.

Participants will be introduced to the importance of entrepreneurship in the region, highlighting its potential in creating new technologies to solve challenges faced by the community.  

Winners of the hackathon will be awarded $27,000 worth of in-kind services, as well as $3,000 in cash for the first three winners, whom the organizers will mentor and guide through the process of finalizing their mobile apps before hitting online stores.

Make sure to register here for more information and details about the hackathon’s program.

October 13th 2016, 9:37 am
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